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Shailene WoodleyIn Hollywood, there is an unspoken rule that in order to stay in the limelight you need to look your best. Celebrities are perpetually on the hunt for treatments and beauty products to enhance, augment and maintain their good looks. However, some celebrities believe that looking good doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go under the knife or that you take synthetic medications to maintain your youth. Celebrity Shailene Woodley, the leading actress of Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars, shares her unconventional beauty secret.

In one interview she says, “Clay is one of the best things you can put in your body.” She later on explained to the host of Late Night With Seth Meyers that she makes her very own clay toothpaste and not only does she brush her teeth with it, she also swallows the clay toothpaste after brushing explaining that clay helps her body get rid of toxins.

And guess what, it’s not just Shailene who believes in the power of clay. In fact other celebrities like Zoe Kravitz is also into the clay diet. Zoe says clay has helped her lose 20 pounds for an acting role. Eating clay has become so popular thanks to celebrities who shared their beauty secrets to the world. Even the famous Juice Generation, a juicing chain owned by none other than Salma Hayek, has introduced an ounce of bentonite clay in all Juice Generation stores.


So what really is Kaolin Clay and what does it do? And why are celebrities obsessing over it?

What Is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin ClayKaolin clay is a multipurpose natural clay that offers a number of health benefits based on its distinct physical and chemical properties. A lot of people want to know if kaolin clay is good for the skin? You will find kaolin clay in soils that are a result of the chemical weathering of rocks in warm climates such as the tropical rain forest. Other names for Kaolin clay include Hydrated Aluminum Silicate, White Cosmetic clay, China Clay, Kaolinite Clay and White Clay among others. Typically, Kaolin clay is white in color and is soft. However, it has been found that in many different places it takes on different colors such as pink, orange or red depending on its chemical mineral composition.


What Are The Benefits Of Kaolin Clay?

Why is everyone raving about Kaolin Clay especially celebrities? What can you get from eating or using this clay on your skin?

Celebrities love Kaolin clay because it’s good for the skin. For centuries, people have been using Kaolin clay to nourish and soothe different skin types. As a matter of fact, if you look at the label of certain skin care products you will find that kaolin is one of its major active ingredients including scrubs, body powders and even deodorants.

Kaolin clay is especially effective when used on oily skin. It often comes in the form of a dusting powder to apply on oily skin or sometimes as a wet dressing that’s left on the skin to dry and then rinsed afterwards. Kaolin clay is used for individuals with oily skin as it diminishes the production of sebum.


Kaolin clay also aids in detoxifying your skin. According to W.N. Logan (2009), Indiana Division of Geology, it has been discovered that Kaolin clay can act as a skin detoxifying agent as well as a cleansing agent because it contains large amounts of silica that is responsible for removing dead skin cells and then allowing new skin cells to regenerate. Aside from detoxifying the skin, Kaolin clay also purifies the skin, leaving it smooth and moist. Furthermore, the phytonutrients and minerals found in Kaolin clay helps remove toxins and oil from the skin thus making it a recommended treatment for individuals with oily skin.

As a skin detoxifier, Kaolin clay is applied as body wraps or as facial masks. A thin coat of Kaolin clay is applied on the body or over the face and is left there for roughly twenty minutes to half an hour. As soon as it is rinsed, you will instantly notice a dramatic change on the appearance of your skin.

With all these benefits, there’s no wonder why celebrities have become avid fans of Kaolin clay.

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